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Nirvrta Yoga

Nirvrta Yoga is dedicated towards healing the body, mind and soul through a holistic and spiritual means. The word Nirvrta means – that which is joyful, easy and free of religious dogmas and yog means to unite.

At Nirvrta Yoga Therapeutic Studio, we aim at eradicating any form of illness that could slow us down in attaining a healthy body and mind.  We strongly believe in god and my Guruji revered Sw. Niranjananda Sarawati ji  blessing shower during the treatment of the patients. They get blessing from the almighty, with his grace and my efforts they get relief from the pain and get good health.

A well thought-out blend of asana and exercises created with by Pradeep Sharma , Certified Yoga Therapist.

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What Disease is?

Let us come to the word Disease if we separate it as (dis-ease) referring to dis comfort. Any discomfort at physical or mental level leads to Disease most of the time it is the mental discomfort which manifest on the physical body. As we all are aware that a sick mind will cause Sickness of the body, as our mind controls our body so if our mind loses its equilibrium our body also loses. If we have a healthy mind we will have a healthy body!

Four major cause of Disease are

  • Mental emotional tensions (Stress)
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Wrong Diet
  • Bad habits
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Yoga Therapist Pradeep Sharma

Pradeep Sharma is a strong believer in the power of comprehensive healing and having training in prestigious schools of yoga, his style is a synthesis of techniques involving personal development, physical strength and mental well being towards attaining a state of healthy mind and body.

Through a unique approach that combines yoga therapy with spirituality, his enthusiasm and personal attention to every case, has helped over a hundred people fight disease and depression successfully.

Thus, passion and in depth meticulous knowledge led him to establish ‘NIRVRTA YOGA Therapeutic Studio, after almost decade long practice of treating, curing various complicated ailments and health issues over all the age groups.

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In 2018, I experienced medical designed  yoga therapy  for my back pain.  I feel very good and recovered. Thanks  Pradeep Sharma ji for your valuable expertise.

Dr. Hema Gupta
Dr. Hema GuptaCareer Counselor

I met with Pradeep Sharma , Yoga Therapist at my friend house in April 2015, I told him that I have disc problem in Lumber Spine L 5, and Doctor had advised me surgery.

Apurva Sinha
Apurva Sinha

I still recollect the day when Pradeep ji came home as i was unwell. He made me do yoga asana and meditation, where i felt completely relieved of my pain and became more aware of my body.

Vandana Sharma
Vandana Sharma

During the festive season, I got my neck muscle pulled at home. It happened due to stiffness, there was acute pain, I went to Pradeep ji, at his Nirvrta Yoga Studio, after a single sitting I could enjoy the festivities to the fullest and today after taking second sitting I am feeling better than what it was even before the catch in my neck.

Mr. Parin Sharma
Mr. Parin SharmaProperty Broker

I have been suffering from Sciatica ever since my delivery of the first child. Though i have undergone medication and short treatments with Allopath and homeopathy, I was never relieved of the severe pain which makes me incapable of my movements. I met Pradeep ji and the treatment he chalked out for me has ensured that I’m completely relieved of the pain my ability to walk freely was felt by me in a couple of sessions itself.

Aparna Sharma
Aparna SharmaClient

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